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Participants from Switzerland and South Korea are invited to submit joint project proposals for research and development of innovative products and applications with a strong market potential in Switzerland and South Korea

Biotech MedTech Digitalisation Industry 4.0 IoT Artificial Intelligence Additive Manufacturing Smart Materials / Innovative Surfaces Augmented and Virtual Reality Hydrogen Technologies Renewable Energy Batteries

Start Date07 Feb 2024End Date24 May 2024 Funding Resource Type


Funding Provider


Call for solutions to reduce marine pollution and promote ecosystem protection, restoration, and rewilding. Winners will benefit from exclusive networking opportunities, targeted support, visibility, and the chance to share part of the CHF 300,000 prize.

Regenerative Blue Economy Marine Pollution Ocean Resilience Ocean-based Climate Solutions

Start Date28 Apr 2024End Date09 Jun 2024 Funding Amount CHF 300,000 Funding Resource Type

Innovation Challenge

Funding Provider

Ministry of Economy and Planning, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, led by WAVE & Friends of Ocean Action, and 10 ecosystem partners

Big Issue Invest provides affordable finance to social enterprises and charities in England through their Impact Loans program. These loans are designed to support organizations that have a positive social impact on their communities.

Social Enterprises Charities Community Development

Funding AmountBetween £20k and £200k, in some events, up to £400k via a combination of products Funding Resource Type

Loan, with up to 20% as a grant

Funding Provider

Big Issue Invest