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Plans and Pricing


Funder is a pay-per-use / usage-based pricing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for impact investment enablers

Plans and Pricing

Early Bird Offer
Plan Offer
  • CHF 10 (EUR 10.25 / USD 11) one-time, flat fee for each investor and investee applications
  • 10 free applications (combined for investors and investees)
  • No minimum commitment, no recurring cost
  • Pay per use
  • Unlimited number of team members (Backoffice)
  • Access to marketplace
  • SEO compatible pages that will be listed on Marketplace
  • Display page on Funder Marketplace for visibility
  • Create customised data capture forms
  • Control access permissions to investors and investees
  • Display page on Funder Marketplace for visibility
  • Add / accept investor or investee applications
  • Approve investor or investee applications

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